When it comes to commercial electrical projects, the A1 Sydney Electrical team pledges to deliver your work on time and within budget. Synchronously, we comply with the regulatory building code standards in all our services. We take the hassle of obtaining permits, conducting inspections, and chasing approvals off your shoulders. No delays, no safety hazards — just work done right from the first time!

At A1 Sydney Electrical, we cater to an extensive range of commercial lighting and electrical solutions to optimize not only the aesthetics of your space but also its functionality and practicality. Our professional commercial electricians are empowered by their extensive expertise in tools, technology, and information to ensure the perfect blend of safety and success.

From retail and restaurants all the way to industrial facilities and beyond, rely on us to deliver tailored solutions for your industry’s specialized electrical needs, be it diagnosis and repair, installations and upgrades, or electric system maintenance.

On the payment front, “no hidden fees” is our policy. Because we value your time, and ours, we invariably provide you with upfront pricing breakdowns and explanations, free of extra charges. What’s the catch? Literally none!

We're always happy to handle even your most complex commercial electrical issues –– from simple outlet installations and setting up backup generators to adding ambience lighting solutions and energy-saving technologies, we're standing by to address your needs, regardless of the project size.

Installations and Upgrades

Electricity requires extensive expertise, and you can't risk it causing any potential hazards or damages, whether to the equipment itself, your space or to individuals. If you've just acquired new equipment or replacing previously existing ones, get in touch with us to help you with:

  • Outlet installations
  • Switchboard upgrades or installations
  • Complete renovations to optimize energy efficiency
  • Set safety solutions including motion detectors, backup generators, fire detection services, security lights, and more
  • Telecommunication
  • Adding ambience to your space through custom lighting solutions
  • Underground power services
  • Energy audits for consultations on how to save on energy and, accordingly, money

Diagnosis and Repair

Is your commercial electrical system down or causing nuisances every now and then? No worries! Count on the A1 Sydney Electrical team to troubleshoot the issues, pinpoint their root cause, and provide immediate solutions on the spot without hindering your operations.

We visually inspect your appliances for any evident damage, and then we proceed to electrically test them using our portable testers. We thoroughly execute this method to all appliances and even switches to ensure both you and your employees are safe. Through this structured process, we can easily diagnose and repair the most complex electrical issues, all at reasonable rates!

Electrical System Maintenance

Electrical code updates change more frequently than anyone outside the electrical services would possibly be able to keep up with.

Because of that, your commercial electrical system may very well be out of date with the latest updates, and that’s understandable. Out of sight, out of mind, no? However, now that you know, rely on the A1 Sydney Electrical team to keep your business up to date and abiding by all safety requirements.

Into The Future

For A1 Sydney Electrical to thrive into the future we must continually pivot our business to be educated in new trends, safety measures and expectations within the industry. We will endeavour to remain relevant in an ever-evolving industry.

Over the next five years, Terry and his team will grow in order to provide the commercial and domestic building sectors with strong support, guidance and intelligent electrical design. The team will strengthen relationships with a wider variety of builders and suppliers to offer the best value packages for each project whilst growing the depth of the client base. A1 Sydney Electrical will strive to grow and retain their employees to form a long-term team who are dedicated to the business. Whilst keeping education at the forefront to keep the whole team up to date with the latest knowledge, technologies, and processes.

From an administrative point of view the business will streamline current processes to ensure clients are always receiving an efficient and transparent service, whilst upgrading technologies as required, from the office to the van- to guarantee that all areas of the business will run with the latest offering to help minimalism disruption and save time that can then be passed onto the client.

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